Esther Merinero


Esther’s work disassembles the existing hierarchy between the preconceived positions of subject and object, creating a new role-play based on a mostly fictitious narrative. This new realism is created as an alternative to destabilise actual modes of living, thus generating new speculative and fantastic scenes and species. She understands the object as another equal body which can interact, mutate and feel autonomously. This responds to the need of an interdependence between formerly separated volumes; sentience and sensible. Wanting to feel is inevitably addictive.

She develops these ideas through a variety of mediums often triggered by text and followed by incorporating digital space, performative wearables, architectural quotation and a core of bodily lumps, skins, tongues and liquids. These installations are activated in a slow narrational manner which unfolds and alters through the potential performativity brought in by particular agents and the public.

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Design: Jaime del Corro. Coding: Tobias Seymour

choice based on a chemical reaction jelly mp3 500lt series hanging out could be quite fun can i borrow your flame? rising from her guts, a spit of human arms and a garland of human darkness l’ile mystérieuse el hueco que se queda my phone ran out of battery but i still remember your hand la distancia entre tu y yo (can only be measured in pixels) a fluid state of consequences (smooshy mushys) it waves at me and tells me i am missed i’ll be home soon (soft edge) i’m lonely tonight traces of modernity 2431 Buckingham Rd. (through the right window) the skyclub lounge position 1: head down and hug knees position 2: cradle on seat in front you are (always) here (——–)